5 Easy Steps to Your Vision

The design experience will always be tailored to fit your exact needs, but I do have a basic process that I follow and want to share with you. This will give you clarity on what to expect from me and when. Additional steps can be added at any time!


Meet + Greet

We'll start with an introductory phone call where you'll tell me a little bit about yourself and give me a brief overview of your project design needs and goals. If we both think it will be helpful, we'll schedule a coffee, so we can meet in person, get to know each other and you can elaborate on your vision. I'd love for you to share some ideas and styles you like, so I can get a feel for what you are trying to achieve. Once I have enough info and details from you, we'll say goodbye and I'll start working on step two.



Based on the info and details I gathered at our consult, I will prepare a basic proposal for your review, including an approximate production timeline. You will receive this within 3 days of our consult. I will ask that you review the proposal and let me know if any changes need to be made, or if you have any questions. Once you approve the plan, you'll sign a written agreement, pay a 30% deposit and I'll take it from there. Now you can sit back and relax, while I stock up on coffee and start designing your vision.



This is where I take your vision and bring it to life on paper! I research, sketch, doodle and look for inspiration everywhere. Once I have my rough ideas on paper, I start designing them on the computer and adding more detail. I tweak, redesign, tweak some more, all while drinking a lot of coffee! As soon as I am happy with the designs, I select the best ones to present to you. From there, I'll send you the concepts to review via email or we can meet in person to discuss.



This is where I need your feedback on the concepts that I have designed so far. We will work closely together and there will be a few rounds of collaboration as we get closer and closer to bringing your vision to life. When you are happy with the final design, I will give you a set of final proofs to review carefully and that you will approve with a signature. Working together as a team, we made your vision a reality and I'm ready to hand off all final files to you. High five!


Package & Deliver

Now that you have approved the design, I will create the final files to hand off to you. The final package will include all your original design files, saved in various formats for future use. You will give me the final payment and we're done! We have created your vision together!